Posted by: Amy | February 1, 2010

Welcome to Country Concert Chronicles

After almost 19 years of attending concerts and with much encouragement from friends, I have finally decided to document my concert experiences.  A very special thanks to my friend Ashley at IceMilk Aprons for her encouragement and help with getting this started.

I was lucky enough to grow up during the resurgence of country music in the late 80s-early 90s.  From an early age, my parents’ record player was my favorite thing.  I remember spending hours listening to Alabama records and singing and dancing along.  I attended my first concert in the spring of 1991.  I was in the third grade and my mom had bought tickets for us to see the Montgomery, AL stop of the Judds’ farewell tour for my birthday.  Even though our seats were near the back of the arena, I had the best time!  I was hooked on the live music experience.  I remember thinking how cool that it was to be in the same room with famous people!  There was even a nice older couple sitting next to us that shared their binoculars with me.

In third grade I also discovered Garth Brooks.  For the next few years, I was completely obsessed with his music and wore out several of his cassette tapes.  One of the highlights of my young life was finding out that a friend of my mom’s had four tickets to see Garth in Birmingham, AL in October, 1992 and that we were going.  I was on cloud nine from the minute that I found out until well after the concert.  To this day, attending that show is one of my favorite childhood memories.

Since those days of my early childhood, I’ve probably seen 100+ shows, most of them country.  Live music is definitely my passion!  Concerts are such a fun way to experience the music and escape from reality, if only for a few hours.  I especially enjoy taking photos at the shows and then sharing them with friends.

These days some of my favorite artists are Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, Jason Aldean, Lady Antebellum, John Mayer, Eric Church and Jamey Johnson.

I’m looking forward to sharing my concert reviews, set lists and photographs with you.  It is my hope that I will be able to convey the live show experience to you.  I also hope that you enjoy reading this and that you will offer your comments and feedback.  I look forward to hearing about your concert experiences, too!

In the next couple of days, I will be posting reviews and photos from my first big concert weekend of 2010.


  1. George and Reba – best show EVER!!!
    Hope all is well!
    Nice job here….

  2. Thank you, Shane! I can’t wait to hear all about the George and Reba show! I hate that I missed it!! I’m glad that you were able to make it home in time to go.

    Let’s get together for dinner SOON!!

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