Posted by: Amy | February 7, 2010

January 23, Concert Weekend Day 3: Jason Aldean Wide Open Tour – Macon, GA

After seeing two fantastic concerts and traveling nearly 300 miles in two days, Rachel and I were a little road weary. We had decided to drive back to Atlanta after the Greenville show so that we could each have a little time at home before it was time to go to Macon for Jason Aldean’s hometown show. The short time at home allowed me to charge the camera batteries and upload pictures.

Before the show we had an early dinner at LongHorn with several friends that I know through the Luke Bryan fan club. Luke joined Jason in Macon to kick off his run as one of Jason’s opening acts. Like Jason, Luke is a Georgia boy and he has a huge Georgia fan base. I’ve met some cool people and made some good friends at the many Luke Bryan shows that I’ve seen, so it was very nice to hang out with some of them before the show.

When we had finished eating, we drove to the Centreplex to get in line. My friend Ashley was supposed to meet us, but unfortunately, her plans changed and she couldn’t come to the show. I was able to sell her ticket to one of my Luke Bryan buddies who drove all the way from South Carolina once she heard that I had an extra ticket! Luke has some dedicated fans!! As we did the previous night, we had general admission pit tickets. We were getting antsy standing in line because the doors didn’t open on time due to sound check running late. Once the doors finally opened, we rushed in to claim our spots in the pit. The area along the catwalk was pretty covered, so we “settled” for spots on the second row.

Love and Theft opened the show and had the same set list as the night before. I didn’t mention in my previous post, but the song “Wrong Baby Wrong Baby Wrong” that LNT performed is actually Martina McBride’s new single. Stephen Barker Liles of LNT co-wrote the song. I hadn’t heard Martina’s song until I was writing this post, but hearing LNT perform it, I had a hard time imaging it being a Martina song. But, after doing a little reading on the internet and finding out that the words had been re-worked for Martina and after hearing her version, I think she makes it work. Again, Love and Theft did a great job of warming up the crowd.

Click here for LNT’s complete set list.


Between Love and Theft’s set and Luke’s set, we were treated to Luke’s typical intro music which consists of lots of drinking-themed songs including “Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off,” “Drinkin’ Dark Whiskey,” “The More I Drink,” and the fan favorite “Hey Honey.” “Hey Honey” is a song written and recorded by Cole Swindell (Luke’s merchandise man), Michael Carter (Luke’s guitar player), Matt Moore, and Craig Campbell (a friend of Luke’s that recently signed a record deal). If you haven’t heard it, check it out here.


After enjoying the intro music, we were ready for Luke to take the stage. He started his set with the title track of his second album, “Doin’ My Thing.” Luke has been playing live for over ten years and he really knows how to work the stage and entertain the crowd. As I mentioned before, Luke’s a Georgia boy and it was very obvious that there were a lot of Luke fans in the audience. Luke’s songs about small town living and growing up on a farm seemed to resonate with the crowd and everyone was singing along to every song. Before he played “Do I,” Luke took time to thank the fans for his first number one. He said that it felt really cool to be able to say that. When he plays “Do I” live, at the end of the song, he lets the band fade out and he plays the chorus to the song one last time acoustically. I think it’s a nice way to end the song. Luke closed the show with his rowdy anthem “All My Friends Say.” But if you’ve ever seen Luke live, you know that the he doesn’t just play the song. He also mixes in a nice cover of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” that drives the audience absolutely nuts. By the end of Luke’s set, the crowd was amped up and ready for Jason! The one song that Luke didn’t sing that I absolutely LOVE is his cover of OneRepublic’s “Apologize.” His version is so raw and emotional. There are several good versions of it on YouTube, so go check it out!


Luke’s Set List

  • Doin’ My Thing
  • What Country Is
  • Rain Is a Good Thing
  • Country Man
  • Every Time I See You
  • Do I
  • Wastin’ Bullets
  • We Rode in Trucks
  • All My Friends Say/Enter Sandman


Jason’s set list and show were very similar to Friday night’s, although you could tell that this show was especially important to him since he was in his hometown and he was playing for a sellout crowd. He played at the Centreplex back in 2007, but according to Rachel, who was there, the place was barely half full. I’m glad that people turned out this time to show the hometown boy their respect. The last 18 months have been huge for Jason and I’m so glad that he’s finally getting the radio and fan support that he deserves. Because the Macon show was so similar to the Greenville show, I won’t go into the set list and details of the show again, but you can read the show details and set list here. I’ll just share some of my favorite pictures from the show with you.


The Macon show was a perfect way to close out a very fun weekend of good music and good friends! With our feet hurting and our ears ringing, we drove back to Atlanta and began talking about what shows we’d like to see next.

Here are all of my pictures from Macon.

What artists or tours are you most looking forward to this year?


  1. This was an awesome review! If I was not at the show, I would still feel like I had been there!!

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