Posted by: Amy | February 23, 2010

February 20 – Jason Aldean Wide Open Tour, Augusta, GA

I’ll warn you before you start reading that this is a pretty long post. If you’re just interested in seeing the pictures, scroll down to the bottom of the post.

If you’ve been following the blog, you can probably guess that I’m a huge Jason Aldean fan. I’ve liked his music since I first heard “Hicktown,” and I saw him open for Rascal Flatts in the winter of 2006 soon after he released “Why” as the second single. But, none of my friends were really fans of his, so I didn’t see him live again for almost two and a half years. it wasn’t until I moved to Atlanta and met my friend Rachel that I found anyone who liked him as much as I do. The first Jason show that we saw together was in October, 2008 in Columbus, GA when Jason was playing on the CMT tour. The show was just a couple of weeks before the CMA Awards and he had not yet debuted “She’s Country.” Thinking back on that show now, it blows my mind that we bought front row tickets on eBay the week of the show for $50 each. Now it’s nearly impossible to get decent tickets without paying an arm and a leg, unless you’re in the fan club and have good luck with the pre-sale. It’s amazing what one or two huge hits will do for a career. I am so excited for the success that Jason has had over the last 18 months. He deserves every bit of it.

On Saturday after we left the Kicks 101.5 Eric Church show at Carl Black, we got ready to head to Augusta. Blasting Jason the whole way there, Rachel and I talked about our favorite Jason songs and our favorite parts of the show. I was especially excited because I had gotten an e-mail from Jason’s fan club that I had been selected for a meet and greet! We arrived at the venue just before the doors opened and had to go to will call to pick up our tickets and my meet and greet passes.

Because of a mix up in the on-sale date of the Jason pre-sale, we missed out on getting tickets through Jason’s fan club. Thankfully, we were able to get tickets through Luke Bryan’s fan club. We had seat tickets for this show as opposed to the pit tickets that we’d had at the two previous shows that we attended. The good thing about having seats is that we didn’t have to worry about losing our spots if we stepped out.

I had a meet and greet with Luke Bryan before the show started. As soon as I got down to the line for meet and greet, I ran into a few of my Luke buddies that also had meet and greets. It’s always fun to catch up with everyone and it’s nice to know someone in line. 🙂 When we were taken back into the room where we would meet Luke, we were told the rules of meet and greet. If you’ve ever been to a Luke meet and greet, you know that Sarge, Luke’s road manager, has three rules: 1) No cell phone cameras 2) Have your camera ready and 3) No touching Luke’s butt! There were easily 60 people in the meet and greet line. It was the most people who I’d ever seen in a Luke meet and greet. It was apparent that Luke recognized a lot of faces in the line, so I guess that he gave a lot of passes to friends and family. It makes sense since this was a Georgia show. The line moved rather quickly considering the number of people who were there. When it was my turn, I had Luke sign a picture that I’d taken at the album release show at Wild Bill’s in Atlanta. We took our picture and then it was over.

With about 25 minutes until it was time to line up for Jason’s meet and greet, I went to our seats to check out the view. I was getting a little giddy thinking about meeting Jason for the first time. Right before Luke’s set started, I headed back to the spot where the Jason meet and greet was lining up. We were taken back to the same room as the Luke meet and greet. There were probably only 40 people in Jason’s meet and greet. His staff takes all of the pictures and posts them online after the show so that they don’t have to worry about each fan’s individual camera. Time seems to speed up when I get to the front of the line. When I walked up to Jason, I handed him my Wide Open CD and said, “Hey, Jason! I’m Amy!” He said, “Hey, Amy! How are you?” I then asked him if he would mind signing my CD with a silver Sharpie and I apologized for being difficult. He said, “Here, trade with me,” and handed me the black Sharpie that he had been using. I was trying to talk to Jason and set my purse down and get my CD autographed. There were too many things going on at once! He autographed the CD and as I was tossing my purse out of the way for the picture, he went back to the CD and signed “To Amy” at the top. Then it was time for our picture. Once that was done, he gave me a pat on the back and I thanked him. He was very cool!!

Walking back toward the arena floor, I could hear that Luke was playing “Apologize,” which is one of my favorite songs that he sings. It was noticeably absent from his set in Macon. I was glad to hear that he had added it, but a little bummed that I didn’t get to hear the whole thing. Again, Rachel was a tremendous help in keeping up with the set list for Luke’s show. It was the same as the Macon show except that he replaced “Every Time I See You” with “Apologize.” I got to see Luke perform the last four songs of his set. The Georgia crowd absolutely LOVES Luke and he seemed to be having a great time. Before he sang “Drinkin’ Beer and Wastin’ Bullets” he swapped his usual E3 hat for a Buck Commander hat. Near the end of the song, Luke likes to pretend that his guitar is a deer rifle and he takes a few imaginary shots. By the time that Luke was singing “All My Friends Say” and mixing in Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” the whole audience was on its feet and going wild.


Luke’s Set List

  • Doin’ My Thing
  • What Country Is
  • Rain Is a Good Thing
  • Country Man
  • Apologize
  • Do I
  • Drinkin’ Beer and Wastin’ Bullets
  • We Rode in Trucks
  • All My Friends Say/Enter Sandman



During the set change, I filled Rachel in on the awesomeness that is meeting Jason. She had previously met him so we were comparing notes. 🙂 Quickly enough, the music started and Jason appeared in silhouette behind a curtain. The curtain dropped and Jason started in with “Crazy Town” while standing at the back of the stage. By the end of the song, Jason had made his way to the front of the stage and everyone was singing along. The only deviation from the previous two shows’ set list occurred when they switched the order of “I Break Everything I Touch” and “Wide Open.” By the time that the band started playing “Break Everything,” it was apparent that Jason was on his game and ready to have a good time. He was all smiles all night and seemed to be having the time of his life. Rachel and I looked at each other and agreed that he was in rare form. He had a lot more interaction with the crowd at this show than he had at the other two shows that we’ve seen. He was touching fans’ hands all night long. One minor misstep occurred during “Hicktown” when he did the diagonal jump from the speaker on the stage onto the catwalk. I didn’t see what caused it, but he stumbled when he landed. Thankfully, it wasn’t a big deal and he didn’t actually fall. He looked back over his shoulder at the fans in the pit. I was concerned that someone had tried to grab his leg while he was jumping, but after the show I talked to some of my friends that were in the pit and they said that the speaker had slipped. I’m not sure if it fell off the stage or what, but that had caused Jason to stumble. Not one to accept defeat, a few minutes later Jason tried the jump again from the speaker of the other side of the catwalk and landed it flawlessly.



Jason thanked everyone for coming out and said that he had lots of friends in the audience, including Chipper Jones, the Atlanta Braves’ third baseman. I am a serious Braves fan and I’ve had a crush on Chipper since I was 12. When we found out that he was there, I was a little disappointed that we weren’t in the pit because that’s where Chipper had been for most of the show. 🙂 One of my friends that was in the pit told me that she had seen Chipper rocking out on the side of the stage with Luke near the end of Jason’s set. After “Hicktown” Jason left the stage, but soon returned and started by thanking the crowd for making the next song such a huge hit and then said (as he did in Greenville and Macon) that he didn’t realize how many people liked “to get freaky on a big ass green tractor!” The crowd went nuts! He closed the show with Kid Rock’s “Cowboy.” Unlike Macon, he did not have any issues with the talk box working. He nailed every line of the song, but chose to censor a few of the more explicit words. I don’t know why it fascinates me so much that he covers that song, but it does. I LOVE it!! We chatted with some of my Luke Bryan friends after the show and then made the two and a half hour trek back to Atlanta and back to reality. All in all, I’d say that my fourteenth Luke show and eighth Jason show were a huge success! The worst part of the night was when the show ended. The whole day was so much fun and it was sad that it had to end!




Jason Aldean’s Set List

  • Crazy Town
  • I Break Everything I Touch
  • Wide Open
  • Amarillo Sky
  • Why
  • The Truth
  • I Use What I Got
  • Asphalt Cowboy
  • Heaven
  • Cuts Like a Knife
  • Johnny Cash
  • Relentless
  • Laughed Until We Cried
  • On My Highway
  • She’s Country
  • Hicktown


  • Big Green Tractor
  • Cowboy (Kid Rock cover)



See all of the pictures here.


  1. I just wanna give a BIG THANKS to you for sharing your pictures and reviews with all of us! You really do a FANTASTIC job with both!! 🙂

    Keep ’em coming!

    • Thank you, Chrissie! That means a lot! I’m so glad that we’ve gotten to share some memorable concert moments & I look forward to many more! Can’t wait to see you at Miranda next month!

  2. Thank you for sharing!!! It really sucks that I was unable to be there but at least I could live it through your review and pictures!! Love ya!!

  3. Sandy, I’m sorry that you couldn’t be there! It sounds like you’re doing well, though. I know that you’ll be back on the front screaming your head off in no time! 🙂 Take care! See you soon!

  4. Great job Amy! It’s exactly as I remember it.

    • Thanks, Carol! Glad that you checked it out. I hate that you’re not with us in Atlanta tonight.

  5. I’ve been getting a lot of hits on this post with people looking for information about Luke Bryan’s E3 hat. The hat is one that MLB player Adam LaRoche had made to advertise his ranch – the E3. You may buy the hat from Buck Commander (when they have stock, they do sell out quickly). Here’s the link: Buck Commander E3 hat. If you want to know more about the E3 Ranch, here’s the Facebook page.

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