Posted by: Amy | May 3, 2010

May 1 – Easton Corbin, Wild Bill’s, Atlanta, GA

Saturday night I headed out to Wild Bill’s in Duluth, GA to see Easton Corbin play and to celebrate my sweet friend Chrissie’s birthday. I got to the venue about 15 minutes after the doors opened and I was surprised at the lack of fans that had arrived to that point. I got a text from my friend Christy that said that I needed to go to Easton’s merchandise table. His team was giving out meet and greet passes to a certain number of fans who bought merchandise. I bought an 8×10 photo for Easton to autograph, collected my meet and greet pass and I made my way to the stage. We camped out by the stage and waited for the show to start.

Jonathan Singleton and the Grove opened the show. Jonathan has written hit songs for other artists.  He treated the audience to performances of several of these songs as the set progressed including David Nail’s “Red Light,” Billy Currington’s “Don’t,” Josh Turner’s “Why Don’t We Just Dance” and Gary Allan’s “Watching Airplanes.”  The band’s talent was on full display throughout the set with great instrumental solos and tight vocals.  I love their new single “Look Who’s Back in Love,” the video for which has been on a pretty steady rotation on CMT Pure and should be hitting the CMT Airwaves soon.

During “Don’t” we had to leave our spots up front to line up for the meet and greet.  A big thanks to the nice ladies behind us who held our places for us! We were able to hear the set, albeit muffled, from backstage.  However, I hate that I missed the last of JS and the Grove’s set.  There was one song on the set list for which I couldn’t find the exact title.  It was only listed as “Drop D” on the handwritten set list.  Does anyone know what this song is?


JS & the Grove Set List

  • You’re My Lover
  • This Old Heart
  • Probably Just Time
  • Livin’ Here in Paradise
  • Merle Haggard’s I Think I’ll Just Stay Here and Drink
  • Red Light (David Nail)
  • Don’t (Billy Currington)
  • Why Don’t We Just Dance (Josh Turner)
  • Watching Airplanes (Gary Allan)
  • Look Who’s Back in Love
  • Drop D?
  • Afraid of Storms

Meeting Easton was cool. He was super sweet! He signed the photo that I’d bought and we took a picture. We chatted about our birthdays, because we’re the same age and were born five days apart. For some reason, I thought that he was a few years younger than I am. After meeting him, I was excited for his set to start! By the time that Easton took the stage, the crowd had grown significantly. He played all 11 songs from his self-titled debut album and mixed in lots of cover songs. He was heavy on the Merle Haggard and stuck to traditional country covers. I know that there has been a lot of comparison of Easton to George Strait. I hope that Easton never gets annoyed by this comparison. I consider it a compliment of the highest order. Easton and George both have voices that are classic and so traditionally country. I don’t think that Easton is trying to sound like George Strait, I think that he’s just got that same traditional sound. I love that he appreciates country music’s history. I think that Easton’s voice and style are unique, especially among his peers. And, he’s displayed his songwriting talents by co-writing four of the tracks on his album. I will be going to see him again, sooner rather than later. He’s a solid performer and a great vocalist. And, he seems like a great guy!




Easton’s Set List

  • The Way Love Looks
  • Don’t Ask Me ‘Bout a Woman
  • A Lot to Learn About Livin’
  • This Far from Memphis
  • Let Alone You
  • Alan Jackson’s It Must Be Love
  • Someday When I’m Old
  • David Lee Murphy’s Fish Ain’t Bitin’
  • Leavin a Lonely Town
  • Merle Haggard’s It’s Been a Great Afternoon
  • Merle Haggard’s Makeup & Faded Blue Jeans
  • Keith Whitley’s Miami, My Amy
  • That’ll Make You Wanna Drink
  • Merle Haggard’s Living with the Shades Pulled Down
  • Conway Twitty’s Desperado Love
  • A Little More Country Than That
  • Alan Jackson’s Another good Reason
  • I Can’t Love You Back
  • Roll with It
  • Encore

  • Merle Haggard’s Workin’ Man Blues




Up next for Jonathan Singleton and the Grove is a spot on the high anticipated Country Throwdown Tour. I’m so excited to see them and everyone else on the bill at the Charlotte show!

Easton will be out on the road this summer with Brad Paisley on the H2O Tour. I hope that Brad will add an Atlanta date to the tour because this will be a must see show!

Here’s a link to all of the pictures.


  1. Another excellent review and great pictures! I agree that his voice and style are UNIQUE – something very refreshing, I must say. Like you, I cannot wait to see him again!! Fingers crossed that BP does add an Atlanta date .. I’ll be there with ya! 🙂

    PS. I’m soo glad you were there to help celebrate my birthday with me!! ♥

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