Posted by: Amy | June 3, 2010

Interview with Eric Church at the Country Throwdown Tour, Charlotte, NC

One of the highlights of our day at the Country Throwdown Tour was our opportunity to interview Eric Church. We started our conversation by discussing Eric’s experience on the tour to this point. He said that he was having fun and that as one of the more established artists on the tour, he knows a lot of the artists on the tour pretty well. He mentioned that it was fun having Jamey Johnson out on the tour and that they know each other pretty well as they have both been touring with Hank Williams, Jr. for the past few months. He also reiterated the thing that excites me most about this tour – the fans’ chance to see lots of great artists at a great price. “It’s fun for the fans to get a chance to see this many artists and make a day of it. I think country fans are just now starting to catch on to kinda what it is. They do this festival in the rock world. It’s kind of a chance to discover new music and make a day of it.”

I brought up an interview with Eric that I heard a few weeks ago in which he hinted that he would be announcing a fall tour soon. I tried to coax some of the details out of him, but I didn’t get much. “I can’t share yet. It’s gonna be great! The tour starts in October. The announcement is supposed to be now, but they pushed the announcement back. They’re looking for the opener for the show. They haven’t got it announced yet. So they’re pushing it back to the first of June.” When I asked him if it’s going to be a headlining tour, he smirked and said, “It’s going to be a co-headlining tour. It’ll be really good.” What a tease! I mentioned his show in Clemson, SC, which was his first arena headlining show. He said that they would be playing a few more arena shows, specifically one in Memphis in July, during their off time from a major tour. And, they’re looking to do a full arena headlining tour next year.


When I asked Eric if he would be one of those artists that would always go back to playing the bars and honky tonks that started their careers, he said, “My favorite (venue) is old theaters. I think that’s the best place to watch a show. You go to theaters that let you drink and hold 1,500 to 2,000 people. See, you can still get that intimate feel, but you also get enough people in there that there is a lot of energy. Sometimes if you play a lot of bars and honky tonks all they do is fight the whole time. So, it’s a matter of getting in a concert setting and having them there for the show.”

In March Eric brought the live show experience to fans who couldn’t be at his concert in St. Louis through the power of the internet. The show was streamed live and is still available for playback here. If you haven’t seen Eric live or if you have and just want to have Eric’s live show available on demand, I highly recommend that you check out this show. It’s well worth the $4.95! Of streaming the show, Eric said, “It was great! We had a lot of fun with that. It’s a good thing for fans to be able to see. They can be at a show and not have to be in the city. They can sit on their couch and drink.”

We wrapped up our chat by discussing Eric’s songwriting and planning for the new album. He revealed that he is taking off the whole month of September to go to his cabin in western North Carolina to plan the new album. As he was with the tour announcement, he was very coy about the new album. He even said, “I keep it pretty close to the vest.” (Rachel later pointed out that the opening line of Eric’s song “Carolina” really was autobiographical. “There’s a cabin in a valley…”)

We didn’t keep him any longer as he had lots of friends and family in attendance since he was so close to home. He said that after his set in Charlotte, he was making his first trip home since Christmas. Judging from Eric’s set later in the day, having all those familiar faces in the crowd served to energize his already rowdy show. He was pointing and smiling at people he knew throughout his show.


A huge thank you goes out to Eric and his team and to Stephany for setting up the interview. We’ll be anxiously awaiting the tour announcement and will of course, be eager to hear the new music. I have no doubt that whatever Eric records will be spectacular! (As I mentioned in my review of the show, a special thank you goes to Rachel for recording the interview!)

If you’re in Nashville next week for CMA Fest and are looking for something fun to do on Wednesday night, Eric is playing a late night show at The Rutledge. According to his website, “Eric will be performing his “Unplugged and Uncensored” show that he debuted at the Country Throwdown tour before his set was moved to the main stage.” Go to to purchase tickets. Fan club members can get tickets for $19 each, including fees and non-fan club members can get tickets for $29, including fees.

Any guesses as to the identity of the co-headliner for the tour? 🙂


  1. Enjoyed your interview – thanks! Great photos too. My guess is Miranda… 😉

    • Miranda was my first guess, too!! Hopefully, he won’t keep us waiting much longer!

  2. I hope he doesn’t abandon the bar shows just yet! There’s nothing like seeing him play at Rick’s Cafe in Starkville, the Jupiter in Tuscaloosa, or the Lyric Theatre in Oxford.

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