Posted by: Amy | June 6, 2010

May 28 – Songwriters in the Round Hosted by Brantley Gilbert, Mike’s Down Under, Jefferson, GA

While Rachel and I were driving to Charlotte for the Country Throwdown Tour, I got a text from my friend Christy about a songwriters’ show being hosted by Brantley Gilbert in his hometown the following night. I am a sucker for good acoustic music and I love to hear the stories behind songs, so I immediately agreed that we should go to the show. Friday afternoon Christy and I made our way to Jefferson, GA, which is about an hour northeast of Atlanta. We saw Brantley’s personal manager, Lyn, as soon as we walked in the door and we chatted with her for a few minutes before making our way upstairs to the stage. Upstairs Lyn introduced us to Daniel Lee, one of the talented songwriters on the night’s roster.

The show started with Brantley introducing the artists on stage. On his far right was Athens, GA-based singer/songwriter Justin Brogdon. As the night progressed, it was obvious that in addition to his singing and songwriting skills, Justin is a talented guitar player. Justin seemed to have a personal connection to each of his songs and that was evident when he sang them. Next to Justin was Daniel Lee who fronts the Daniel Lee Band, which is based in nearby Winder, GA. All of Daniel’s songs reiterated his country boy roots and would be great songs to have blasting while sitting around a bonfire drinking cold beer. To Brantley’s left was legendary songwriter Mike Dekle. He’s written hits for Kenny Rogers, Tracy Byrd, Joe Nichols and Colt Ford to name a few. He is also a card! He was completely entertaining and several times he lapsed into a spot-on impersonation of George Jones singing. It was fantastic! Sitting next to Mr. Dekle on the far end of the stage was David McWhorter of the band Other Side of Homer. He was accompanied by Other Side of Homer guitarist Rusty Cheek. The songs that he sang were about living the college life and partying. I could imagine them being hits at any UGA frat party! Each of the artists took a turn singing their song and telling the story behind it. Brantley also played two of his own songs, “Them Boys” and “My Kind of Crazy.” Midway through the show, Brantley asked if there were any songwriters in the audience.  One guy volunteered to come up and play an original song.  Following his song, the guys took a brief intermission before coming back to play a couple more rounds of songs.  They closed the show with a great acoustic sing-along version of Ryan Adams’ “Come Pick Me Up.” It was a great night of music featuring some of northeast Georgia’s most talented songwriters!

Brantley Gilbert


Set List

  • Justin Brogdon – Matter of Time
  • Daniel Lee – Hell Yeah
  • Mike Dekle – Ain’t No Trash in My Trailer
  • David McWhorter – My Rock Star Song
  • Brantley Gilbert  – THem Boys
  • Justin – Don’t Give Up
  • Daniel – Six Reasons Why
  • Mike – Size Matters
  • David – Fun Time, Not a Long Time
  • Local songwriter
  • Intermission
  • Brantley – My Kind of Crazy
  • Mike – Don’t Love Make a Diamond Shine
  • Justin – Regarding Jamie
  • Daniel – Let’s Get Drunk
  • David – Used To
  • Mike – Ode to Bob Dylan
  • Justin – Everything
  • All – Come Pick Me Up

Justin Brogdon

Daniel Lee

Mike Dekle

David McWhorter & Rusty Cheek

See all of the pictures here.


  1. I bet that was an awesome event to attend! I love acoustic music, too! And I personally know some of Justin’s music. He is amazing!!! Don’t know why this guy isn’t huge in the music world!

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