Posted by: Amy | June 8, 2010

June 8, Gary Allan Fan Club Party, The Factory, Franklin, TN

After leaving the softball game, we had what was quite possibly the longest visit to Waffle House in the history of Waffle House due to an inexperienced wait staff. Then we got back to the hotel and spent time catching up with Shannon, our friend from Charlotte who is Rachel’s and my roommate for the week! We were slow getting up and moving this morning and it was almost 2:00 before we made it out of the hotel to get food. We made the drive out to the Loveless Cafe and it was worth every minute. The food was AMAZING!! If you like good, old-fashioned Southern country cooking, it’s a must visit place.

We left from the Loveless Cafe and drove straight to The Factory in Franklin, TN for Gary Allan’s fan club party. We arrived about 20 minutes before the doors opened, but the line to get into the venue was already REALLY long! We made our way to the end of the line, which moved surprisingly fast once the doors opened. When we got in and tried to find our assigned seats, we found out that our row didn’t exist because of changes to the seating due to fire codes. We were told that we could sit off to the side in some seats situated on a raised platform or we could sit upstairs in the balcony seating. We opted for the balcony seats.

As part of the ticket purchase, we were entitled to a barbecue dinner. Since we were still full from our trip to the Loveless Cafe, we skipped dinner, but it smelled really good!

Suzanne Alexander from GAC came out and introduced Gary. He opened the show with two songs before opening the floor for questions from the fans. The rest of the night consisted of fan questions and song requests mixed with songs that Gary wanted play. After the night’s third song, Alan Tompkins presented Gary with a custom-made guitar, which Mr. Tompkins was on hand to personally deliver from Australia. Midway through his set, he premiered the music video for “Get Off on the Pain.” Throughout the night, Gary shared interesting tidbits of information about his life and his music. When asked what he likes to do when he’s not working, he said that he loves to do anything out on the water. He said that for a month last winter, he vacationed in Mexico where he enjoyed lots of surfing. Another fan asked what songs Gary likes to sing when he’s sitting around a camp fire with his family. In response, Gary started playing “Bourbon Borderline.” He then played “That’s What Makes You Strong.” Afterward, he said that both of those songs were camp fire staples. He also revealed that “Her Man” was originally recorded by Waylon Jennings. Gary had not heard Waylon’s version of the song until after he had recorded the song. He said that after hearing the Waylon version, it messed up the way that he sang the song for a while. He then gave us a demonstration of how Waylon sang the song, which was quite entertaining! He closed the show with my absolute favorite song, “Watching Airplanes.”



Following the concert portion of the party, Gary left the stage to get ready for fan meet and greets. We were called back to the meet and greet area based on our seating assignments and we were photographed with Gary in pairs.  We were also handed a free autographed fan club party poster as we left. Let’s see if I can get that thing back to Atlanta with no wrinkles or tears! 🙂

It was a very fun night, despite the mix up with the seating. Seeing Gary interact with his fans, it was obvious that he truly appreciates his fans and enjoys being able to host the annual fan club party!



Gary’s Set List

  • Get Off on the Pain
  • She’s So California
  • It’s Been a Long Year
  • Tompkins Guitar Presentation
  • Loving You Against My Will
  • Bourbon Borderline
  • That’s What Makes You Strong
  • World Premiere of the “Get Off on the Pain” Video
  • Fly by Night
  • Kiss Me When I’m Down
  • Her Man
  • I’ve Got a Quarter in My Pocket
  • Today
  • Alright Guy
  • Tough Little Boys
  • Tom Petty’s  Breakdown
  • Watching Airplanes

Here’s the whole album of pictures.


  1. Wonderful pictures. Thanks so much for sharing. Would have loved to have been there. Only seen him once live and can’t wait to see him again. His performances stick with you. True and true. Totally from the heart. Completely underrated still. I love all sorts of music but out of everything I listen to, Gary is my absolute favorite. Thanks for the music, Gary! Thanks for being true!

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