Posted by: Amy | June 18, 2010

June 10 – Lady Antebellum’s Third Annual Fan Club Party, The Cannery, Nashville, TN

Following our late night at Dierks’ party, a quick trip to Waffle House and less than three hours of sleep, Rachel and I were up bright and early on Thursday morning to attend Lady Antebellum’s fan club party at The Cannery. We arrived around 7:45 and were told that they would open the doors around 8:30. The party was supposed to begin at 9. Even at the early hour, it was already quite warm outside, but the Lady A faithful were out in full force. There were probably 75-100 people in front of us. While we were waiting in line, a camera crew came around to document the event for Lady A TV. We also got instructions about getting our breakfast and entering to win the door prizes. When the doors opened, we made our way inside and picked up a boxed breakfast before finding a seat a few rows from the front. There were a lot of fans standing at the stage, which bothered some of the people sitting around us, but everyone was standing once the band took the stage, so it wasn’t a big deal. As we ate our meal of a mini chicken biscuit, a bagel and cream cheese, a danish, yogurt and a fruit cup, the various episodes of Lady A TV played on the screen next to the stage. I think my favorite episode is when Lady A first played on Conan and their dressing room was labeled as “Lady Anti-bellum” and Dave says something like, “Why are you against the bellum?” Hilarious!


After we had a chance to finish our food, two people from Lady A’s team came out and gave away the door prizes. The prizes included tickets to the band’s performance at LP Field later that evening, a Flip cam and Lady A prize packs. Following the giveaway, camera crews got set up to film the show and stream it online, which Lady A organized as a fundraiser for Nashville flood relief. The band soon came out and they were clearly excited to see all of the fans. It’s so nice to see that their hugely successful year has not changed their appreciation for their fans! They opened the show with “American Honey.” The venue’s set up includes several support pillars, which hindered my ability to take pictures. It was difficult to get any shots of Hillary and shots of the whole band because of one of the pillars. Nonetheless, it was a great acoustic performance! The simple arrangement of the songs and the acoustic format highlighted the band’s amazing vocal abilities and sweet harmonies. After singing their new single, “Our Kind of Love,” the band took a moment to thank everyone for coming out. They also reminded everyone that all of the proceeds from the party would be donated to charities aiding in the Nashville relief efforts. Before they sang “When You Got a Good Thing,” Charles revealed that the song was inspired by a picture of his wife from their wedding. The picture was the wallpaper on his computer’s desktop and during a songwriting session he noticed it and began working on the song. The band then sang their debut single, “Love Don’t Live Here,” and they closed the show with their mega-hit “Need You Now.” They then left the stage to get ready for meet and greets. Each fan’s ticket had a colored back and each color represented a meet and greet group. Rachel and I had ordered our tickets separately, so we were in different groups. Thankfully, our groups were back to back. Rachel went first, but I wasn’t far behind her. When I met the band, I congratulated them on all of their success and they were genuinely appreciative. After taking our picture, I was handed a signed photo of Lady A and was ushered out. It was a well-organized event and a really fun time. I’m glad that I got to be one of the 500+ fans who made up the sold out crowd.


Lady A’s Set List

  • American Honey
  • Lookin’ for a Good Time
  • Our Kind of Love
  • I Run to You
  • When You Got a Good Thing
  • Love Don’t Live Here
  • Need You Now



Here’s the photo album.


  1. I was at the fan club party on June 10th. This was my third Lady A fan club party to be exact – I’ve been to all of them so far! The first one in 2008 was my favorite because it was at 11:00 p.m. and they played a full length plugged-in concert.

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