Posted by: Amy | June 22, 2010

June 10 – Josh Thompson at CMA Music Fest Riverfront Stage

One of the artists that we were most looking forward to seeing perform/meeting during CMA Fest was Josh Thompson. We got to see him play at the celebrity softball game on Monday night. After the game we were hanging out near the players’ exit hoping to get autographs. When Josh came out, fans were handing him various items to sign, but his time was limited. However, Rachel and I both had the CD booklets from his Way Out Here album that we wanted to get signed. As we were holding them up, he said, “I’ve got to sign my records!” and he graciously signed them for us. We were looking forward to his performance at the Riverfront Stage on the first day of CMA Fest. We also hoped to catch him signing at the Convention Center. Unfortunately because of the chaotic parking situation downtown at the time of Josh’s Riverfront performance, I didn’t get to see his show, but I let Rachel out so that she could see it. Later on Thursday afternoon as we were wandering around the Convention Center, we saw Josh at the CMA booth and were able to get into his line for an autograph and a photo. He’s a really nice guy!

Below is Rachel’s review of Josh’s show and of meeting him and a couple of pictures that she took:

After the Lady A fan club party we headed to the car, which was parked right across the street from the venue. Since The Cannery isn’t located that close to downtown, we decided to leave our parking space there and try to park downtown. This turned out to be a much more daunting task than we expected! By the time we got downtown, it was about 11:30 am and it was evident that first official day of CMA Fest was in full force! There were people everywhere and there was virtually no parking left at all. We drove around the city several times trying to find an open lot without success. At about 12:15, Amy graciously let me out of the car near the Riverfront Stage so that I could catch Josh Thompson’s performance at 12:30. She continued to drive around and look for parking while I watched Josh’s set, which was super nice of her and I was very thankful since I am a huge Josh Thompson fan! This was my first time ever attending a show at the Riverfront Stage. I got there right as Love and Theft were ending their set with their hit song “Runaway.” There were a lot of people already there and there wasn’t really any room near the front of the stage or the center of the stage, so I walked around to the edges of the stage rather than trying to push my way through the crowd. I also wanted to figure out how the photo lines worked since this was also my first experience with that. Josh came on soon after Love and Theft and opened the show with his upbeat tune “Blame it On Waylon,” which is one of my personal favorites on his album. After finally figuring out where the entry and exit to the photo lines were, I was able to get up close and get some great pictures of Josh. The photo lines were not crowded at all at the Riverfront Stage. However, the staff was still hurrying me along, so I didn’t have time to get a lot of pictures. After going through the photo line once, I decided to sit down and watch the rest of Josh’s set rather than go through the photo line again. At this point, he was almost halfway through the set and it was very, very hot outside and to get back to the beginning of the photo line was a bit of a hike. This is only my second time seeing Josh live. The first was at Dierks Bentley’s Miles and Music for Kids Charity Concert that was in Atlanta on May 23. He did a great job and played a good mix of album cuts from his debut album Way Out Here, including the title track, which is his latest single, and his debut single “Beer on the Table.” I really enjoyed his show, even though it felt as if were about a hundred degrees outside! After Josh’s performance, Amy still had not been able to find a parking spot, so we decided to head back to the hotel and take the shuttle back in to downtown. We both really wanted to meet Josh at the convention center, and we were afraid that by doing this we were going to miss him as he was scheduled to sign directly after his Riverfront performance. However, we didn’t have much of a choice given the parking situation. By the time we got back downtown it was close to 4:00pm. We decided to go by the convention center anyway since neither of us had been yet and we wanted to check it out. To our surprise, Josh was still hard at work signing autographs and meeting fans and we were super excited that we hadn’t missed our opportunity to meet him! We only had to wait in a short line and then we were able to meet Josh, get a personalized autograph, and take a picture with him. When I met him I told him how much I loved his album and asked when he was coming back to the Atlanta area. He said he thought it would be November 20, but I hope it’s sooner than that! I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to see him in a bar show or something similar where he is the headliner. We may have to go catch a full show of his somewhere close to Atlanta so that we can see him again sooner!

Josh’s Set List

  • Blame It on Waylon
  • You Ain’t Seen Country Yet
  • Always Been Me
  • A Name in This Town
  • Won’t Be Lonely Long
  • Way Out Here
  • Beer on the Table

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