Posted by: Amy | July 2, 2010

June 30 – 102.5 The Bull Presents An Evening for St. Jude Hospital

On Wednesday night, 102.5 The Bull, one of Birmingham, AL’s country radio stations hosted a fundraiser for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital at Workplay Theatre. David Nail, Chris Young, Jerrod Niemann and Josh Thompson all generously donated their time to participate in this wonderful event for a great cause! As soon as I saw the lineup for the night, I knew that I wanted to go to this show. Rachel and I are both big Josh Thompson fans and I also really like David Nail’s music. By the end of the evening, Chris and Jerrod had won us over as fans, too!

David Nail


Rachel and I bought our tickets to the show and were eagerly awaiting June 30. My friend Sarah and her friend Erin had also bought tickets to the show, so we made plans to ride to Birmingham together. We left Atlanta around 3:30 in hopes of getting out of town before traffic was too bad. We got in some traffic, but nothing too terrible, thank goodness! After stopping for dinner in Oxford, we made our way to Birmingham. We got to the venue about 30 minutes before the doors opened and the place was already packed. I had seen on Twitter that the show was sold out, but I was still surprised about the audience’s early arrival. We didn’t have to wait in line too long, as they opened the doors early. There were probably 100 people in front of us in line, but when the doors opened, most people were interested in getting seats at the tables around the perimeter of the theatre. There weren’t many people standing in front of the stage, so we were able to claim spots on the second row behind our friend Cortney and her friends Tyler and Rhonda. I have been to a show at the Workplay Theatre one other time and I really like the set up of the venue. It’s a great place to see a show!

Josh Thompson


The show was scheduled to start at 7:30 and shortly thereafter, Dollar Bill from 102.5 came out to talk about the event and tell everyone about the autographed guitar being raffled off at the end of the evening. He then introduced the artists. David Nail sat on the barstool to the audience’s far left. He had his keyboard player and his drummer with him. To David’s left was Chris Young. Next to Chris was Jerrod Niemann and Josh Thompson was on the audience’s far right. Josh brought along his guitar player, Rod Janzen. Rod used to play in Dierks Bentley’s band. David was having difficulty hearing his guitar in his monitor, so he asked that they start at the other end of the line. Josh had the honor of kicking off the show and he got the crowd riled up by playing “Blame It on Waylon,” which is probably the most rockin’ song on his Way Out Here album. Dollar Bill introduced each artist and engaged in colorful banter with each of the guys between each song. Throughout the evening, the guys were singing each other’s praises and discussing each of the guys’ singing and songwriting talents. They were having fun giving each other a hard time and they all appeared to enjoy listening to everyone else’s songs when it wasn’t their turn to play. My favorite line from the night came when David Nail was speaking of Josh Thompson. He said, “Every time I see Josh it looks like he’s been drinking all day.” Josh quickly replied, “That’s because every time you see me, I have been drinking all day!” This was the kind of harassment that they each endured as the night progressed. It provided everyone on stage and all of the audience with some good laughs.

Chris Young


The guys sang five songs each and they went down the line in order, except for the last time. During the fifth time through, the guys either played their most recognizable hit or their current single. David Nail requested to sing his last song before Chris Young sang “Gettin’ You Home” because David didn’t want to have to follow such a mega-hit. I can’t say that I blame David because that song was such a huge song for Chris. However, David’s voice is so powerful that he wowed everyone in the room with his soulful performance of his current single, “Turnin’ Home,” a song co-written by Kenny Chesney. All of the other guys on stage jokingly walked off after David’s performance as a sign that David had sung them off the stage and that they couldn’t perform any long. Chris certainly brought down the house with “Gettin’ You Home.” I think everyone was signing along! After Chris sang the night’s final song, Dollar Bill came out and had Chris draw the winning raffle ticket and he presented each of the artists with a plaque commemorating their participation in the event. Dollar Bill also expressed his gratitude that all of the guys had donated their time to be at the show and he indicated that at least two of the guys had to leave immediately after the show to catch their buses to rejoin the tours that they’re currently playing.

Jerrod Niemann


The night was a huge success and over $10,000 was raised for St. Jude. It was also a very entertaining night. I really think that acoustic shows with several artists/songwriters are the most exciting because they’re unscripted and you never know what the artists are going to say or sing. Thanks to 102.5 The Bull for organizing such a great event! And a huge thanks to Workplay and to David, Chris, Jerrod and Josh. It was a memorable evening and it was so much fun!!

Set List

• Josh Thompson – Blame It on Waylon
• Jerrod Niemann – One More Drinkin’ Song
• Chris Young – The Dashboard
• David Nail – Again
• Josh – Way Out Here
• Jerrod – Good Ride Cowboy
• Chris – Voices
• David – Strangers on a Train
• Josh – Won’t Be Lonely Long
• Jerrod – What Do You Want
• Chris – The Man I Want to Be
• David – Red Light
• Josh – Sinner
• Jerrod – For Everclear
• Chris – I Can Take It from There
• David – Dinosaur (Hank Williams, Jr)
• Josh – Beer on the Table
• Jerrod – Lover, Lover
• David – Turning Home
• Chris – Gettin’ You Home

Here’s the full photo album.


  1. Such a GREAT review, Amy!!! It was definitely a FUN night, and I’m so glad you all were able to make it over here for the show!! Those 4 guys were amazing on stage together, for sure! 🙂

  2. Great write-up! It was an AWESOME night! One of the best shows I’ve seen. I’m glad we experienced it together, Amy. Must do it again soon!

  3. This was a great show! It was great meeting you and hope to see you at a show soon! Big Thanks to 103.5 the bull for putting this on and to the guys who gave their valuable time to a great cause!

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