Posted by: Amy | July 18, 2010

July 16 – John Mayer’s 2010 Battle Studies Summer Tour, Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre, Charlotte, NC

I know, I know…John Mayer isn’t country!! But, he’s my absolute favorite non-country artist. His songwriting and guitar playing are so phenomenal. He makes music that is real! Fans who pre-ordered a copy of his latest album, Battle Studies, were provided with a pre-sale code for tickets to his winter tour and then were given another code for the summer tour. These codes ensured fans the best seats in the house. I saw John’s show on St. Patrick’s Day in Atlanta, but when the tickets went on sale, I was traveling and I was trying to buy my tickets using my iPhone. That didn’t work out so well and I had to settle for tickets on the back of the floor at the massive Philips Arena. When John announced the summer tour dates, I knew that I HAD to see him again in Charlotte. This time I had much better luck buying tickets. I pulled a pair of seats on row F in the section of seats in front of stage left. I intended to give my brother a ticket and we would make a road trip to celebrate his birthday. After I placed my order, I decided to search for tickets once more to see what I could pull. This time, I got tickets in the center section on row E! Because the tickets were paperless and it’s kind of a pain to relist tickets on Ticketmaster’s Ticket Exchange, I decided to see if my brother wanted to invite a friend. One of his good friends is a huge John Mayer fan, so she said that she wanted to come along, too. My friend Debbie saw John’s show in Birmingham and she said that she wanted to go see him again, so when I found out that we had an extra ticket, I invited her. With the tickets all taken, we just had to wait for three months for the concert date to roll around.

On Friday afternoon, we loaded up the car and made the drive up I-85 to Charlotte. Train was the opening act, but due to traffic in Atlanta and in Charlotte, we missed their whole set. We got to hear the last couple of songs as we were walking into the venue. After grabbing a snack, we took our seats. Debbie and I were pleasantly surprised to find that our seats were in the center of the row and that John’s microphone stand was directly in front of us. Not long after we sat down, John emerged with little fanfare wearing a white short sleeve button down shirt and white seersucker pants that were rolled up to resemble capris. A turquoise bandana and a pair of baby blue Converse hightops completed the interesting ensemble. As weird as John’s outfit was, his guitar playing was equally as amazing! He focused on songs from Battle Studies, but he also played a fair amount of tunes from his previous albums. He even slipped into brief covers of Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” and James Taylor’s “Carolina in My Mind.” For the encore, he appeared on the lawn and played “Stop this Train” and “Why Georgia” for the fans in the back before making his way through the crowd and tossing his bandana to a fan a couple of rows in front of me. He hopped back on the main stage to close the show with “Edge of Desire.” It was another stellar performance from Mr. Mayer and by the end of the evening, the outfit had grown on me a little bit. 🙂 His talent never ceases to amaze me. One thing that John does that country artists don’t do is change up the set list. He played an entirely different show in Charlotte than I had seen in Atlanta. And, in looking at his set lists from other shows, he plays different songs each night. I wish that I could go see his show with Keith Urban outside of Seattle next month. Keith is my favorite country artist and I thoroughly enjoyed their CMT Crossroads show. I know that a full concert featuring the two of them would be too incredible for words! I can’t wait to see another JM show!





Here’s the full set list from John’s website.





See all of my pictures here.


  1. Great review. Nothing wrong with a little smooth rock ‘n roll every now and then! Two of my close friends rank Mayer as their favorite artist. As much as I love country music, I love rock just as much. I’m going to see the Scorpions this week and then Earl Thomas Conley this weekend – talk about a diverse concert lineup! This past weekend I saw Sara Evans, then next Friday night in Atlanta, I’m going to see the Steve Miller Band.

    By the way, you were right about Eric joining forces with Miranda this fall. I can’t think of many better combos to do that tour. I’m also going to see EC when he opens for Hank Jr. in New Orleans in September.

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