Posted by: Amy | July 30, 2010

Interview with Average Joes Entertainment recording artist, Rachel Farley

Photo Courtesy of Average Joes Entertainment

Fresh off of signing her contract with Average Joes Entertainment, I caught up with Rachel Farley following her set as the opener for Brantley Gilbert in Augusta, GA. If you follow Brantley Gilbert or Colt Ford, both of whom are also signed to Average Joes, then you may have heard of Rachel. Brantley often refers to Rachel as his little sister and she’s been known to hop on stage to sing along at Brantley’s shows. Rachel also appears on Colt Ford’s “Country Kids” from his latest album, Chicken and Biscuits. If you haven’t heard of her yet, I’m sure that you will very soon. We sat down for an interview to discuss her record deal, her most exciting career moments thus far and her biggest career goal.

To give you a little background on Rachel, she grew up in suburban Atlanta and she’s been singing for most of her life. She also has a passion for songwriting. Around the age of 13, she decided to home school so that she could fully pursue a music career. In the two years since making that decision, she’s focused on touring around Georgia and the Southeast and has an ever-growing fan base. She has also been making increasingly frequent trips to Nashville to collaborate with other songwriters. When she’s not traveling, she often writes locally with Georgia-based songwriters, including Brantley Gilbert and Mike Dekle. She hopes to one day write with Jamey Johnson, whose songwriting she describes as “honest and raw.”

I started the interview by congratulating her on signing her contract with Average Joes. I asked her when we could expect the album. She said that she’ll be heading into the studio soon and that the album should be released some time next year. When I asked if she was planning to use only her original material or if she planned on including songs from outside songwriters, she replied, “Yeah. So far the ones that I kind of think are on there are the ones that I’ve written or co-written. There’s one outside song that I’m debating on. It’s a killer song. Actually, Brantley wrote it and it made me cry when he played it for me. I’m debating on it. I want most of them to be mine.” She also discussed her excitement about signing her contract which took place on the day before our interview. “It was unreal! As soon as he handed me the pen for me to sign, I’m thinking, ‘Oh! This is real! Wow! Okay!’ Very cool to see everything you’ve been doing pay off.”

Although she’s only just begun her career, she has already had some pretty cool experiences. Her most exciting experience was getting to meet and talk with Loretta Lynn. “Getting to sit with her and talk to her for a little bit, that was incredible! She paved the way for everybody else. She’s a hero in country music. My grandmother gave me a bunch of country music magazines from the 60s. There was a picture of Loretta in one of them and I had her sign it.” Another highlight was having the chance to open for Luke Bryan on one of his Farm Tour shows in Mershon, Georgia. The crowd for that show was estimated to be around 7,000 people, which is the largest audience to which she’s played. “It was a great show! The crowd was just unbelievable! They were great. I had so much fun playing for them!”

With all of the things that she’s already accomplished and been able to do, I wondered what her ultimate goal or most far-fetched dream was for her career. She didn’t hesitate to answer. “It could go on forever. There’s lots of crazy things that I want to do, but I think that the one thing that I’ve wanted to do from the very, very beginning, from the first time that I decided that I even might want to do this was be a member of the Grand Ole Opry.” She went on to explain that when she first decided that she wanted to pursue a career in music, but before she started playing shows, she picked up a book about the history of country music. Her mother had encouraged her to learn as much as she could about the history of country music and to know where the music started so that Rachel would have a better idea of where she was going musically. Through reading the book, she discovered her love of Patsy Cline and credits her as a hero and an inspiration. She also learned about the Grand Ole Opry and she considers it to be the epitome of country music. She expressed her desire to stand on the famous circle on the Opry floor. “To get to stand on that circle where everybody who means anything has stood. It’s unreal. That would be an honor. I couldn’t think of an honor that would be greater than playing the Opry!”

To talk to Rachel and to hear her sing, it’s hard to believe that she’s only 15. She’s so mature and focused and seems to know exactly what she wants for her career. She has a phenomenal voice and writes honest, heartfelt lyrics. Until her album comes out, you can check out her MySpace page to hear her songs. Also, be sure to check out her YouTube page for some great videos of her performing original songs as well as some great covers, too! If you’re in the Atlanta area, you’ve got several chances to catch her live show, be sure to check her MySpace page for all of her tour dates.

A huge thanks to Rachel, and her managers Larissa and Michael for taking time out of their busy schedules to talk to me. Also thank you to my friend Dawn who set up the interview!


  1. loved your interview with Rachel Farley i am a huge fan of hers and Brantley Gilberts. i attend their live shows every chance i get. both are on their way to becoming huge stars. i appreciate the work you do keeping us informed on the music scene. keep up the good work.

  2. you at cma

    • I’m here right now, but I’m heading out later tonight, unfortunately. Did you get a chance to meet Rachel? 🙂

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