Posted by: Amy | November 18, 2010

November 17 – Josh Thompson, Live on the Lot at Carl Black, Kennesaw, GA

I have been a Josh Thompson fan since I read the rave reviews of his album soon after its release and decided to check it out. He co-wrote all of the songs on the album and the whole thing is phenomenal. He teamed up with Carl Black GMC and Kicks 101.5 to play a free show for Atlanta-area fans. We got there about 20 minutes before it was scheduled to start and there was already a crowd. We made our way to the Kicks 101.5 tent and got our numbers for the meet and greet that was scheduled to take place after the show. Then we made our way to the stage and got spots on the third row. Before the show started, Cadillac Jack, the morning DJ for Kicks 101.5, introduced Josh. After the introduction, we had to wait a few minutes before Josh took the stage. The night was chilly, but as soon as the show started, I forgot all about the cold! The show was an acoustic affair which featured his band playing acoustic guitars, a banjo, an upright bass and a single drum. He played every cut on the album, except for “Back Around.” Unfortunately, that’s one of my favorites on the album. But, it was great to hear all of the other songs! Josh interacted with the crowd throughout the performance and at the urging of an audience member, he introduced his band prior to playing “Beer on the Table.” Before they finished playing “Beer,” Josh said that he and the band spent a lot of time on the bus and that late at night they sometimes liked to experiment with different ways of playing some of his songs that they play night after night. Then he and the band treated us to a super bluegrassy version of “Beer on the Table.” It was really cool and he could definitely be a bluegrass singer. His ability to transition so quickly reminds me of Dierks Bentley’s talent. Hearing bluegrass was a great way to wrap up a very fun show!



My friend Rachel and I had numbers 79 and 80 for the meet and greet line, so when the show concluded, we knew that we would have a few minutes before it would be our turn. We were milling around and as we were standing there, a girl from Kicks asked us if it was just the two of us and then asked if we wanted fast passes to get in the front of the line. Of course we accepted and we were handed the fast pass laminates. That was a nice surprise! When it was my turn to meet Josh, we took our picture and then he autographed a photo for me. Earlier in the day, I had posted on CCC’s Twitter page that I was attending the show and I asked if anyone else was going. Josh re-tweeted the post and replied that he was going. I teased him for replying and he said, “Hey, I was just telling the truth.” It was pretty funny. Rachel had heard that Kicks was giving away 25 pairs of tickets to Josh’s November 26 show at Wild Bill’s. As we were leaving, she asked two of the people from the Kicks crew about the tickets and they asked what our meet and greet sticker numbers had been. When we told them, they told us that number 80 was a winner, so in addition to the fast passes, we also won tickets to see Josh next week!



  • Blame It on Waylon
  • You Ain’t Seen Country Yet
  • Always Been Me
  • I Won’t Go Crazy
  • Sinner
  • A Name in This Town
  • Won’t Be Lonely Long
  • Way Out Here
  • Folsom Prison Blues/Jackson
  • Beer on the Table

I love that Carl Black and Kicks host these free shows for the fans. Just as we did at the Eric Church Live on the Lot event, we had a wonderful time! Thanks to everyone involved for organizing such a great event.

See all of the pictures here.

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