Posted by: Amy | October 21, 2012

October 8 & 9, 2012 – Eric Church Live Album & DVD Concerts, Tivoli Theatre, Chattanooga, TN

To fully understand and appreciate Eric Church as an artist, you really have to see his live show. As wonderful as his albums are, he shines the brightest when he’s onstage. His passion for his music and for performing live are very apparent from the start of his show. I’ve often wished that he would record a live album and/or DVD so that I could enjoy the live show experience anytime. My wish came true when it was announced that Eric would be performing two shows in Chattanooga, Tennessee to be recorded for a live album and DVD that will be released in early 2013. My friend Rachel and I knew that if it were at all possible, we had to be at those shows. Thankfully it worked out for our schedules and we were able to attend both shows.


The Tivoli Theatre in downtown Chattanooga was the venue for the shows. It’s a gorgeous, historic place built in the 1920s. The ornate architecture and the 1,700 person capacity made these shows feel much more intimate than the arena shows for which Eric has become known. Monday night’s show was slightly more laid back than Tuesday’s. Eric was smiling and doing lots of pointing and interacting with the crowd. Whereas the pit on Tuesday night seemed more crowded and the fans were rowdier. Eric also seemed a little more intense on Tuesday night. Eric often says that he draws his energy from the crowd and his performance both nights matched the vibe of the crowd. Both shows were extremely entertaining and the set lists weren’t exactly the same, which allowed us to hear a lot of our EC favorites.

Singer Joanna Cotten was there to sing “Over When It’s Over” with Eric both nights. We were also treated to an acoustic version of “Lightning,” which is a song that I’d never heard Eric perform live before. During the acoustic set on Tuesday night, some fans drew Eric off course when they started chanting for him to play “Chevy Van.” It’s a song that appears on his iTunes exclusive EP Caldwell County and was originally recorded in the 1970s by fellow North Carolina native Sammy Johns. Eric obliged and played the song without hesitation and without missing a beat. He also played a new song for us. On Monday night he introduced it as “All I’m Sayin’.” When he started playing it, he realized that he’d mixed up the lyrics and started over. When he played it on Tuesday night, I didn’t hear him say the title of the song. In comparing the videos from Monday and Tuesday, he changed up the lyrics on Tuesday night and instead of using the phrase “All I’m Sayin’,” he sang “I’m Just Sayin’.” Either way, it’s an entertaining song about the super sensitive, politically correct world we live in and how saying what you really think is frowned upon these days. I got video of the song both nights along with video of “Over When It’s Over” on Tuesday night.

“All I’m Sayin'” – Monday night

“I’m Just Sayin'” – Tuesday night

“Over When It’s Over” – Tuesday night

Both shows were absolutely fantastic! Now comes the hard part of (not so) patiently waiting for the release of the album and DVD. I know that it will be worth the wait. With Eric announcing that his touring in 2013 will be extremely limited as he begins preparing for his next studio album, the recordings from Chattanooga will have to suffice.

I’ll leave you with some of my favorite pictures and the set lists from both nights. The links to the full albums from each night are at the bottom of the post.

Monday night


















Monday’s Set List

  • What I Almost Was
  • Guys Like Me
  • Hell on the Heart
  • Pledge Allegiance to the Hag
  • How ‘Bout You
  • Over When It’s Over (featuring Joanna Cotten)
  • Longer Gone
  • I’m Gettin’ Stoned
  • Jack Daniel’s
  • Keep On
  • Sinners Like Me (acoustic)
  • Lightning (acoustic)
  • All I’m Sayin’/I’m Just Sayin’ (new song)(acoustic)
  • Country Music Jesus
  • Creepin’
  • Lotta Boot Left to Fill
  • Drink in My Hand
  • Those I’ve Loved


  • Smoke a Little Smoke
  • These Boots
  • Springsteen/Born to Run interlude

Tuesday night









Tuesday Set List

  • Before She Does
  • Over When It’s Over (featuring Joanna Cotten)
  • How ‘Bout You
  • I’m Gettin’ Stoned
  • Longer Gone
  • Guys Like Me
  • Creepin’
  • Keep On
  • Hungover and Hardup
  • Sinners Like Me (acoustic)
  • Chevy Van (acoustic)
  • I’m Just Sayin'(acoustic)
  • Country Music Jesus
  • Pledge Allegiance to the Hag
  • Homeboy (with A Country Boy Can Survive intro)
  • Drink in My Hand

First Encore

  • Smoke a Little Smoke
  • These Boots
  • Springsteen/Born to Run interlude

Second Encore

  • Livin’ Part of Life
  • Lightning

Monday night’s photos

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